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“Fancy, How Nice!”
A Genuine Dutchman
A German Victory
A Higher Pile
A Pitiful Exodus
A Universal Conscience
And Such a Brave Zepp He Was
Another Australian Succes
BearbeitenAnother Victory for the Germans -Submarine
Balaam and His Ass
Before the Fall
Bethmann-Hollweg’s Peace Song
Cinema Chocolate
Come away, my dear!
Culture at Wittenberg
Death the Friend
Dr. Kuyper to Germany
Durchhalten—“Huld Out”
Famine in Belgium
Flying Over Holland
For Merit
Forced Labor in Germany
German Poison
Germany and the Neutrals
Greek Treachery
Herods Nightmare
Hohenzollern Madness
How Quiet It Must be in the English Harbors Blockaded
Humanity Torpedoed
Humanity vs. Kultur
Hun Hypocrisy
I Must have Something for My Trouble
If They Don’t Increase Their Army
It Looks So in Serbia
Joan of Arc and St. George
Murder on the High Seas
My Beloved People
My Master Asks You to Look After These Doyes
Nobody‘ Sees Me
On Their Way to Verdun
Peace Reigns at Dinant
Poor Old Thing
Pounding Austria
Religion and Patriotism
See tue Conquering Herd Comes
Shakspere’s Tercentenary
Strict Neutrality
Submarine Bags
The “Civilians”
The “Harmless” German
The “Lusitania” Nichtmare
The “U” Boats Off the American Coast
The Anniversary Bouquet
The Bill
The Bloomersdijk
The Brigands
The Bringers of Happiness
The Broken Alliance
The Burial of private Walker
The Climber
The Counter-Attack at Douaumont
The Death’s-Head Hussar
The Doctrine of Exfediency
The Entry Into Constantinople
The Exhumation of tue Martyrs of Aerschot
The Fall of the Child-Slayer
The Franc-tireur Excuse
The Giant’s Task
The Kaiser as a Diplomatist
The Kaiser’s Cry for Peace
The Kaiser’s Diplomacy
The Laodiceans
The Morning Paper
The Old Poilu
The Old Serb
The Organization of Victory by Imposture
The Orient Express
The Prisoners
The Propagandist in Holland
The Prussian Guard
The Satyr of tue Sea
The Sea the Path of Victory
The Shirkers
The Shower-Bath
The Stranded Submarine
The Super-Hooligans
The Supreme Effort
The Troubadour
The Voices of the Guns
The Wolf Bleats
The World’s Judgment Seat
The Zeppelin Raider
Those Horrible Britons
Tit for Tat
To The Peace Woman
Two Peals of Thunder
War Council with Ferdinand and Enver Pasha
Well, My Friend
Within the Pincers
You Need Not Storm This Place

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